White 6-Hour Timer LED Wax Taper Candle with flower petals
White 6-Hour Timer LED Taper Candle with Flower Petals
White 6-Hour Timer LED  Taper Candle with Flower Petals

White 6-Hour Timer LED "Drip" Taper Candle with Flower Petals (Batteries incl)

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Item Name: White 6-Hour Timer LED "Drip" Taper Candle with Flower Petals (Batteries incl)

Measurements: 4-3/4 Inches Tall 

Price: 4-3/4" $6.25 ea (Battery included)

Description: This 4-3/4" LED candle has a "flame" that flickers with a soft, warm glow. The white taper candles are dipped in wax and then sprinkled with a light dusting of small flower petal pieces. These add a soft "garden-y" feel as well as accentuating the wax “drips” down the sides of the tapers. The tapered base fits most standard taper candle holders.

Tighten the bottom piece to turn on the LED lighted candle and engage the 6-hour timer. Once lit, the LED candle will stay lit for 6 hours and turn off for 18 hours. The cycle will continue to repeat until the battery is fully used. At any time, the LED candle may be manually turned on/off by slightly turning the bottom piece until the battery disengages or turns off. To replace the AA batteries, simply remove the bottom piece to open the end of the candle. Replace with 1 AA battery for the 4-3/4" taper. High quality alkaline AA batteries will give you many hours of candlelit enjoyment.

These LED tapers have been individually tested and include 1 new AA battery with your local pickup purchase.

Please note: This listing is for a 4-3/4" LED taper candle ONLY. This listing does not include other items pictured with the tapers. 


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