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Crochet unicorn for Melissa


On hold for pick up for Melissa

Preference for pink unicorn, but if unavailable blue unicorn

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Semi-Annual Fashion Show


Come Join Us for our Semi-Annual Fashion show at Highland Yard!  March 22nd, 5pm to 8pm.  It’s a fun filled night with amazing food, early access to Highland Yard’s March show, and of course all the latest fashions for spring and summer brought to you by the Desert Sister’s Boutique.  Only $25 Per Person.  Reserve your spot today as spaces are limited.

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Custom order for Brenda Lutz- strawberry cow


Custom order for Brenda Lutz, Strawberry cow

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House Blend Coffee


The perfect light roast. This bright and fruity blend will leave you satisfied with every sip. The flavors are complex and leave you wanting more.

Please specify if you would like Ground or Whole Bean in your order notes.


Light Roast

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Beaded Pen


Assorted beaded pens. Each pen is individually designed making every pen unique. Black ink. Pen size will vary measuring approximately 6”-6.5” Choice of metal or plastic pen base. Luck of the, your pen will be randomly selected. We are unable to accommodate base material, color or charm requests for this item. Some of the pens are created with vintage beads & charms, making them one of kind.

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Guitar rack (Guitar not included)


Guitar wall rack made from a wine barrel stave. Perfect to store your guitar off the ground and makes your guitar a beautiful display piece. (Guitar not included)

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Wine Barrel Bar with underside glass rack and shelf


One of a kind wine barrel bar. The sides are wine barrel halves and the feet are from wine barrel staves. Underside of bar has hanging racks for wine glasses and a shelf to hold your alcohol. This custom piece is 31″ high, 40″ across and 20 ” deep.

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Wine Barrel Lazy Susan


Wine Barrel Lid Lazy Susan with wine barrel ring. Logo of winery is visible on the top of the lid. Beautiful piece foe entertaining and everyday use.

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